Review: Not Quite Beast (Not Quite #2) by Kaye Draper

This is a solid continuation to Sam’s story, action-packed and filled with answers to some questions while teasing even more questions that need answers. Draper also expands upon her world-building and introduces an intriguing political element to the plot line. I look forward to seeing how Sam and their “guild” play a role in Theo’sContinue reading “Review: Not Quite Beast (Not Quite #2) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Not Quite Human (Not Quite #1) by Kaye Draper

Kaye Draper’s latest urban fantasy/romance series is going to be another hit for me, I think. This author includes a note in her book blurbs about being tired of tropes, and she puts her money where her mouth is — once again, the characters in this story were unique, fascinating, and flawed. As an addedContinue reading “Review: Not Quite Human (Not Quite #1) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Fates, Fins, and Fangs (Gods & Demons #1) by Kaye Draper

I tore through the Gesa’s Menagerie series while home sick a few months ago, so it seems appropriate that I would start this next series while working full-time from home during a pandemic. This novella was a wonderful afternoon of escape, full of intriguing characters and excitement. The author states that this can be readContinue reading “Review: Fates, Fins, and Fangs (Gods & Demons #1) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Wolfromance (Reluctant Necromancer #3) by Kaye Draper

I understand that authors are always warned not to “info-dump” to their readers, that they should include the information the reader needs to know naturally through the story. But there’s a downside to that, when so many things are going on that everyone EXCEPT the main character knows about. At some point, someone needs toContinue reading “Review: Wolfromance (Reluctant Necromancer #3) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Vampromance (Reluctant Necromancer #2) by Kaye Draper

I don’t get to binge-read this series like I did Draper’s previous reverse harem epic, but I’m enjoying it all the same. Esper is an intriguing character, and I appreciate the set-up of her being lost from her family line as a way for the audience to learn about the greater magical world through herContinue reading “Review: Vampromance (Reluctant Necromancer #2) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Ghostromance (Reluctant Necromancer #1) by Kaye Draper

I probably shouldn’t have read this so close on the heels of Draper’s previous reverse harem series, Gesa’s Menagerie. I prefer Gesa as a character to Esper, but that doesn’t mean anything is necessarily wrong with Esper. I got a bit tired of her “Woe is me, I’m so ugly” ruminations, but otherwise she’s aContinue reading “Review: Ghostromance (Reluctant Necromancer #1) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Gesa’s Menagerie #2-#9 by Kaye Draper

Usually when I read series, I try to break them up with other books so that I don’t get burned out. But sometimes a series is less of a series and more of a really long epic book broken up into eight separate novellas. And sometimes I get sick and need to spend the dayContinue reading “Review: Gesa’s Menagerie #2-#9 by Kaye Draper”

Review: Gryphon’s Pride (Gesa’s Menagerie #1) by Kaye Draper

The author warns in the book description that this is “not your typical reverse harem.” I would also happily argue that this is not a typical romance or typical urban fantasy. With that combination, I was immediately sucked into the world-building, the plot, and the characters. Gesa is the “strong female character” taken to theContinue reading “Review: Gryphon’s Pride (Gesa’s Menagerie #1) by Kaye Draper”