Before starting this write-up I hit send on my part of a massive freelance project I’ve been working on all summer. One of my favorite aspects of medical editing is knowing that my work has a measurable positive effect on the world. I was thrilled to participate in a small way in making a chapter in an upcoming medical textbook the best it can be. So, even though my mind is still swimming with information about neuroanatomy and neurotoxicity, it’s time to focus on the rest of my writing (and reading) life.

Short newsletter this month. I’m heading out to read on my porch in the gorgeous summer weather. Let me know what you’ve been up to!

July Wrap-Up

  • The ending of Steel Legacy is IN SIGHT. I know I keep saying that. If I don’t report next month that I’ve written “the end” on the first draft, you have permission to take away my Kindle.
  • No travel this month, but I had lots of fun with local friends. The spouse and I also caught up on a bunch of great shows.
  • Another great reading month, including some amazing advanced review copies (ARCs).

August Goals

  1. Seriously, the first draft of book 7 is getting finished this month. I made a promise to my favorite beta reader.
  2. This is my final month at home before I got to all of the places (including across the pond) between September and next March.
  3. I’ve already read two ARCs that will be released in August, I’m sitting on another one I can’t wait to start, and I’m expecting at least three more! It’s a double-edged sword; I end up with less future padding for blog posts, but it’s one of my favorite ways to support authors.

In Case You Missed It

Book Reviews

What a great place to nap, Lucy. Thanks.

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