It’s been a while since I built any LEGO sets for one reason: Lack of space in the official LEGO room (otherwise known as my guest room). However, these adorable sets look like books, so I justified putting them together knowing that they would go on the bookshelves in my living room. Supporting our individual houses, I put together the Ravenclaw-themed set and my spouse built the Hufflepuff set.

Hogwarts Moments: Charms Class (76385) — 256 pieces & Herbology Class (76384) — 233 pieces

The Ravenclaw Charms Class set obviously includes more pieces because we are the smartest.

He doesn’t look like it, but the spouse is very excited for this silly Saturday afternoon project.

Building LEGO is a very zen activity for me. Yes, I’m that weirdo who also loves to put together IKEA furniture. I did not realize until about halfway through that the spouse saw this much more as a speed-build sort of activity, and he completed his set a few minutes before I did. I argued that he finished first because my set had more pieces. Obviously.

Like the epic Hogwarts Castle (71403) I’ve built previously, both of these sets included adorable tiny details, such as hidden mandrake plants in the Herbology classroom and feathers to keep in the golden chest in the Charms classroom. Honestly, my only real complaint is that a Harry Potter minifig, a Gryffindor, is included in the Charms set rather than another Ravenclaw character such as Luna Lovegood. The best part of these sets by far, however, is how — aside from the minifigs — the entire set can be folded together and contained in a LEGO book.

I’m on the hunt for additional shelving for my guest LEGO room so that I can finally build more sets! Next up will probably be the Creator Expert Bookshop (10270) or Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76108) to add to my growing town, or perhaps the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) to accompany my NASA Apollo Saturn V (92176) set.

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