December 2020

Dear Family & Friends,

Hanna, Erik, and the three cats have successfully managed to stay healthy throughout the shenanigans brought by 2020. We are fortunate that both of our jobs ensured continued employment, and while Erik continues to work in-person on his military base, Hanna has been working full-time from home since March. We keep all of you in our thoughts and hope you never hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can help with.

Hanna still works with [redacted], where she is a medical editor focusing on HIV and LGBT healthcare. Working from home has meant an increase in dying her hair fun colors. This past summer, she published a revised version of her first novel (Steel Victory) with additional bonus features and a special hardcover edition. After a single local convention last February, all other in-person events were canceled, but Hanna participated as a panelist for multiple virtual events. She looks forward to when she can travel again for both of her jobs, but for now, she happily spends her extra time reading and playing video games.

Erik continues to take classes towards his Bachelor’s degree in Networking and Cybersecurity with [redacted] online program. He works full-time at his National Guard base in IT infrastructure. Last February, he testified before the Maryland state legislature to support tuition assistance for all Maryland Guardsmen. Along with video games in his free time, Erik tries to watch every possible rocket launch online, especially SpaceX launches. With his social circle limited to coworkers, he has helped them with multiple home projects, including renovating an entire kitchen.

We welcomed a new member of the family last summer in the form of a Tesla Model Y. This is Hanna’s primary vehicle, aptly named the TARDIS. A brand-new car soon after release has brought its share of problems, but we love being a fully electric household. Both of the Teslas live in our newly finished garage (paint, cabinets, epoxy flooring), the major household project for 2020.

The cats are a happy and healthy 11 years old, and we were fortunate to have another year with no health issues. For regular cat pictures and to stay up-to-date on Hanna’s writing news, sign up for her monthly email newsletter. We’re looking forward to spending the holidays at home in Maryland, along with a safe and happy 2021.

Hanna & Erik

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