October Wrap-Up & November Goals

In line to vote with the spouse: Civic duty 2020 complete!

Based on the dreary, rainy weather outside my office, I suppose fall has officially arrived. Cloudy days call for a second cup of coffee, especially since I have started getting up when the spouse leaves for work to spend some time with Ring Fit Adventure and on the elliptical before my workday begins. It’s brutal and I hate it (I am not a morning person), but there’s something nice about crossing “work out” off my to-do list first thing in the morning!

I’m extremely excited, however, for tomorrow’s workout! I’m attending a sword technique workshop hosted by the Highlander himself, Adrian Paul. Cross your fingers that I don’t make an utter fool out of myself in front of one of my first heroes.

It’ll be a fun last hurrah before November, and thus NaNoWriMo, eats me for the next 30 days…

October Wrap-Up

  • The first 10k words of my initial draft of Steel Legacy are complete! I know I said I’d write 15k words. But I’ve definitely written at least 5k words of fanfic this month as well, so…it all works out in the end?
  • I participated in another virtual convention, where I had a blast discussing worldbuilding and various fantasy subgenres. Read my Capclave 2020 con report here.

November Goals

  1. NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. Write 50k words in 30 days, adding to the Steel Legacy first draft. That’s it. That’s the month. I’ll see you all on the other side. (You can follow along by friending my NaNoWriMo account: hannaedits.)

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