2019: A Year in Reading

This year, I wrote one (1) novel, wrote one (1) short story, revised most of (like, 80%) of another novel, and according to Goodreads, read 147 books. This means I won my Goodreads Challenge goal of 50 books.

Pretty cool, right?

Except Goodreads is weird, so it’s not quite 147 books. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Novels: 98
  • Collections (single author): 2
  • Anthologies (multiple authors): 5
  • Graphic novels: 6
  • Short stories/Novellas: 20
  • Abandoned: 4

There are still 156 books on my To Be Read shelves. And that doesn’t include what’s sitting on my Kindle.

Here’s to more good books in 2020!

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