Vintner's VixenDisclaimer: I am friends with both authors; however, I purchased this ebook for full price.

This is a fun new series that brings together two writers whom I greatly enjoy. I’m excited to read more in the town of River Hill, and the story of Angelica and Noah was the perfect way to start. Sparks fly from their very first meeting, despite the rocky beginnings, and I loved every moment of their interactions.

In many romances, one of the pairing must grow and adapt in order for the relationship to work out. And while it might seem that this should fall on Angelica’s shoulders, as the character starting out in a new phase of her life, it turns out that she is honestly pretty sorted. Noah is usually the one who is kind of a dick who jumps to conclusions.

Instead, it is a man who otherwise thought he had his life together who has to re-evaluate some things and grow as a person. Luckily, he has a decent support system around him already. This book also gets bonus points for featuring two intelligent women are are two smart to fall into any sort of love-triangle drama.

I can’t wait to follow the evolution of their relationship through future River Hill books. Seeing people live out their happily ever after is definitely one of the benefits to being in the first book.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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