Band SinisterI have become very spoiled by how so many of Charles’ books are series that revolve around a group of people, because I desperately want more books featuring these characters.

It was a bit overwhelming, being dropped in the midst of so many names and personalities, but it quickly became what made this book so special. Overall, Guy and Philip’s developing relationship was lovely, but it seemed like the plot that everything else fit against, and “everything else” is what I want more of. 

I want the history of the men who make up the “Murder” — and their future, now that Guy is involved. I want more about Guy’s delightful sister Amanda (and honestly, I’ve have preferred some scenes from her point of view, based on knowledge she was revealed to have had at the end). Normally I’m not one for overwrought family drama, but it fit the bill perfectly for Guy and Amanda’s situation. And if the ending felt a bit like a whirlwind, I imagine that’s because it’s how it felt from Guy’s point of view.

In summary: Charles has spoiled me with her series. I’m absolutely going to need more books out of this particular crew of fantastic characters. (Especially because Amanda obviously needs more inspiration for her Gothic romances.)

Disclaimer: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.