And then there was that awkward moment when my doppelganger on the Internet reached out to me…and turned out to be a lovely person. Speculative fiction author AM Justice says it best:

Once in a while you run across a kindred spirit on the Internet, someone whose life has followed a path similar to yours. Such is the case with former military brat, cat lover, medical editor, and scifi/fantasy author JL Gribble. She and I even gave our protagonists similar names (hers is Victory, mine is Victoria). After that, however, JL’s highly imaginative Steel Empires series bears little resemblance to my work.

You can find the rest of the interview about my books at her blog, Journeys Through Time.

wizard's forgeDespite all of the similarities that we bring to the writing table, Justice’s first book in her Woern Saga, A Wizard’s Forge, is a hero’s journey through a high-fantasy landscape. Or is it? Just like my series is a strange mix of blended genres, Vic’s tale also includes tantalizing hints of hard science fiction.

You can learn more about the Woern Saga in an interview with author AM Justice available here soon, and definitely check back  for a review of A Wizard’s Forge that will be posted on launch day, September 19. The ebook is currently available for preorder, and I encourage everyone who loves Victory and Toria to take a chance on Vic as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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