_Steel Magic-Jacket.inddTo celebrate the release of Steel Magic next week (July 6!), I’m participating in a blog tour! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy so that you can start reading about the continuing adventures of Toria, Kane, and Syri as soon as possible.

Or, take advantage of the 99 cent sale for Steel Victory! This will only last until July 5, so this is the best time to catch up on the Steel Empires series before the next book is released.

Many thanks to Cara McKinnon for helping to arrange this blog tour. “But!” you exclaim, “I have already read Steel Victory and pre-ordered Steel Magic? What should I read next?” The answer to that is Essential Magic, in order to thank Cara for all the hard work she did to put my wandering internet adventure together.

July 1

Check out some of the werecreatures featured in the Steel Empires series on YA paranormal author A.J. Culey’s blog. This post includes a sneak-peak at a new werewolf in Steel Magic, Earl Henry “Hal” Delacour!

July 4

I get a little bit meta on the blog of author Jessica Knauss (also YA paranormal), and interview my main character Toria about topics such as her family, friends, and the city of Limani.

July 5

The tables are turned the next day as I answer some interview questions about myself, my writing, and my new book at the online home of contemporary romance author Jennifer Loring.

July 6

On release day itself, don’t forget to check out fellow fantasy author Cara McKinnon’s blog to learn a bit about the revision process I go through when I finish a novel!

July 7

For my final stop, I’m rounding things out with YA dark fantasy author Andi Adams, where I’ll be discussing the bumpy road I took to get from budding astronaut to nontraditional speculative fiction author.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride!


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