Guest Post on Outlining at Jester Harley’s Manuscript Page!

I met author Anne E. Johnson at Cleveland ConConction last March, and we struck up some delightful conversations in Authors Alley on such topics as indie publishing and being a female speculative fiction writer. She invited me to write a guest post for her blog, which was published this morning. You can find the directContinue reading “Guest Post on Outlining at Jester Harley’s Manuscript Page!”

STEEL TIME Research Topics

The scene-by-scene outline of Steel Time is 95% complete! I just have to work out the final conflict sequence of events, which I won’t be able to do until after I complete some research. I know some authors do their research after coming up with the general idea for the book, but I’m the otherContinue reading “STEEL TIME Research Topics”

April Wrap-Up & May Goals

What a roller coaster of a month! April Wrap-Up: Vacation successful and new job started! I’m three weeks in and enjoying myself immensely. I’m doing a very different sort of editing, along with a bunch of other interesting projects. My small team is great, and I love the area of Baltimore that my new officeContinue reading “April Wrap-Up & May Goals”

Monday bits and bobs

I have a bunch of smaller tidbits for you today, so I figured I’d just combine them into one post. Last Friday, the lovely Shara White was nice enough to give STEEL VICTORY a belated shout-out on her blog over at Calico Writes. She was a fellow student during my time in the Seton HillContinue reading “Monday bits and bobs”

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