Review: New Hand (Bluewater Bay #23) by L.A. Witt

#SaveWolfsLanding As amazing as it was to see so many recurring characters appear in one place in this book, I figured out pretty quickly that it’s because the series was coming to a close. I’d be more devastated, but this was definitely a long series and I loved every bit of the ride. (That beingContinue reading “Review: New Hand (Bluewater Bay #23) by L.A. Witt”

Interview on Geekshow Podcast

I have had a delightfully nerdy day! Finished out my 10k steps today by making my way around a local lake and achieving my slowest time ever! Usually I can do a 15-minute mile, but I didn’t even bother tracking it this time. Not because I’m sick or injured, but because I am absolutely oneContinue reading “Interview on Geekshow Podcast”

New York City: The Final Frontier?

My husband and I took a short trip up to New York City this past weekend. We met two guys from Israel on a cruise last year, and the amazing power of social media allowed us to keep in touch! When both of them were back on our side of the globe, we couldn’t passContinue reading “New York City: The Final Frontier?”

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