Review: Vino & Veritas Series (multiple authors)

This post includes reviews of books in the Vino & Veritas series: Featherbed (#1) by Annabeth Albert Heartscape (#2) by Garrett Leigh Headstrong (#3) by Eden Finley Aftermath (#5) by L. A. Witt Turnabout (#9) by Laurel Greer Daybreak (#12) by Kate Hawthorne Heartsong (#13) by A. E. Wasp Stronghold (#14) by Ana Ashley LimelightContinue reading “Review: Vino & Veritas Series (multiple authors)”

Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur

This post reviews each of the available books in the Us series: Here For Us (#1) Sound of Us (#2) Uniquely Us (#3) Heart of Us (#4) Here For Us (Book 1) This novel is a slow-burn romance between three very different men, and I don’t just refer to their disparate ages. It also includesContinue reading “Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur”

Review: Lonely Hearts Series by Kate Hawthorne

This post includes reviews of the currently available books in the Lonely Hearts series: His Kind of Love (#1) The Colors Between Us (#2) Love Comes After (#3) Until You Say Otherwise (#4) His Kind of Love (Book 1) This dark romance is deceptive, in that even as I was low-key horrified at the depthsContinue reading “Review: Lonely Hearts Series by Kate Hawthorne”

Review: Finding Series by Sloane Kennedy

This post contains reviews of all the currently available books in the Finding series: Finding Home (Book 1) Finding Trust (Book 2) Finding Peace (Book 3) Finding Forgiveness (Book 4) Finding Hope (Book 5)

Review: The Rules by Jamie Fessenden

I’m not going to lie—this book is a little bonkers. But in a strangely good way. It’s a romance that is almost too implausible to be real, but have you looked at the world lately? These days, anything is possible, including a gay married couple hiring a private housekeeper because one of the husbands won’tContinue reading “Review: The Rules by Jamie Fessenden”

Review: Elite Protection Services Series by Onley James

Intoxicating (Book 1) Intoxicating skirts the line of being an insta-love story, but the growing attraction between Linc and Wyatt takes on multiple dimensions that entranced me. The “Daddy” dynamic is not as overt as implied by the back-cover description—it trends toward light kink rather than age-regression. Instead, Wyatt receives a sense of structure toContinue reading “Review: Elite Protection Services Series by Onley James”

Review: Four Ever by Sloane Kennedy

Why stop with all the drama and baggage of two characters at a tipping point in their relationship with each other when you can have double the fun? Include some healthy doses of physical, mental, or emotional trauma in every character, then sit back and wait for the fireworks. Pardon my snarkiness (which that coverContinue reading “Review: Four Ever by Sloane Kennedy”

Review: Chadwick Series by C.P. Harris

Surviving the Merge (Book 1) I’m all for atypical romance novels, now that I find myself with enough familiarity with the genre to recognize the usual plot beats. If you’re intrigued by a story that drops you immediately into the dark moment and doesn’t quite let up until the unexpected ending, look no further. However,Continue reading “Review: Chadwick Series by C.P. Harris”