Review: Invincible Volumes 24-25

And we've reached the end! Overall, this was a fantastic, highly enjoyable series. Invincible Vol. 24: The End of All Things Part OneRobert Kirkman (writer)Ryan Ottley (penciler, inker)Dexter Vinces (inker)Mark Morales (inker)Nathan Fairbairn (colorist)Rus Wooton (letterer) We've reached the end, kids. Along with an immediate reminder that Mark has no class. To be fair, it's … Continue reading Review: Invincible Volumes 24-25

Review: Invincible Volumes 22-23

Looking for my Starbase Indy convention report? I'm still traveling (in Houston now, where at least it's not freezing), so that post is getting delayed to Friday. In the meantime, after a long (too long) hiatus, I'm ready to finish this epic series! Invincible Vol. 22: Reboot?Robert Kirkman (writer)Ryan Ottley (penciler, inker)Cliff Rathburn (inker)Jean-Francois Beauliue … Continue reading Review: Invincible Volumes 22-23

Review: Invincible Volumes 13-15

The adventure continues! I'm at the mid-way point of the series now, and I'm certainly not bored yet.  Invincible Vol. 13: Growing Pains Robert Kirkman (writer) Cory Walker (penciler, inker) Ryan Ottley (penciler) Cliff Rathburn (inker) Dave McCaig (colorist) FCO Plascencia (colorist) Rus Wooton (letterer) Forget this Mark guy. Can I just keep reading about … Continue reading Review: Invincible Volumes 13-15