Book Review: Unseen (Rath & Rune #2) by Jordan L. Hawk

Read my review of the first book in the Rath & Rune series, Unhallowed. We return to Widdershins to continue the quest set up by the events in the first book. Sebastian and Ves, though still retaining their jobs at the Ladysmith Museum library, have the blessing of Head Librarian Mr. Quinn to seek outContinue reading “Book Review: Unseen (Rath & Rune #2) by Jordan L. Hawk”

Review: Provoked (Enlightenment #1) by Joanna Chambers

The list of romance authors I follow seems to be growing, as I add yet another writer whose books I shall now proceed to devour all of. I read this title in a single evening and immediately purchased the next in the series. Many romance books star lovers from vastly different backgrounds, but David LauristonContinue reading “Review: Provoked (Enlightenment #1) by Joanna Chambers”

Review: European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman (Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club #2) by Theodora Goss

My biggest minor quibble from the previous book in this trilogy followed me to this one. I love the conceit of the book characters inserting their commentary into the writing, but it still reduces some of the tension since I know everyone survives to the end. That being said, this was still a tale filledContinue reading “Review: European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman (Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club #2) by Theodora Goss”

Review: Spectred Isle (Green Men #1) by K.J. Charles

Though it’s not stated explicitly, I think this book is best read after the author’s The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal. Some secondary characters cross over, and it provides a good grounding on how the supernatural exists in this world. However, this book takes a deeper look at the nature of magic in this versionContinue reading “Review: Spectred Isle (Green Men #1) by K.J. Charles”

Review: Invisible Chains by Michelle Renee Lane

Disclaimer: I am friends with the author, who provided me with an advanced electronic version of this book for review. This is the first book I’ve read in years to give me nightmares. Lane’s debut novel is an intricate and descriptive historical horror that encompasses some of my favorite tropes in speculative fiction. Jacqueline isContinue reading “Review: Invisible Chains by Michelle Renee Lane”

Review: The Mathematical Gambit (The Galipp Files #2) by Jamaila Brinkley

This story continues the adventures of a pair of professional spies — if only their income from the profession could support them. Instead, Simon works on his magical studies and Anastasia relies on the patronage of members of the peerage who know about her clandestine role. The partners reunite to solve another case involving richContinue reading “Review: The Mathematical Gambit (The Galipp Files #2) by Jamaila Brinkley”

Author Interview with Matthew Warner

While it wasn’t quite up my alley, Matthew Warner’s Cursed by Christ book seemed intriguing enough that I had to pick the author’s brain about it. Maybe you’ll find yourself interested in my stead. ABOUT THE BOOK CURSED . . . Living at her family’s rice plantation, Alice Wharton learns some disturbing news from herContinue reading “Author Interview with Matthew Warner”

Review: It Takes Two to Tumble (Seducing the Sedgwicks #1) by Cat Sebastian

This was a fantastic look at how two people who might otherwise have nothing in common develop a natural and loving relationship. At times, Ben came across as a little too perfect. Luckily, Phillip balanced this out by becoming a sympathetic character without losing any of the thorny character traits that intrigued me. 

Review: The Soldier’s Scoundrel (Turner Series #1) by Cat Sebastian

I’m starting to see the appeal of romances, especially the ones where a happily ever is guaranteed. I don’t always like the emotional angst characters have to go through to get there, and I’ve discovered that I’m not a huge fan of the “you’re better off without me” trope (it hits a bit close toContinue reading “Review: The Soldier’s Scoundrel (Turner Series #1) by Cat Sebastian”

Review: The Lawrence Browne Affair (Turner Series #2) by Cat Sebastian

A break from the daily routine in the form of a business trip to Seattle for the day job meant a break in my regular reading habits. Ages ago, my favorite contemporary romance author (okay, Anna Zabo is really the only contemporary romance author I really read) noted that a novel by one of theirContinue reading “Review: The Lawrence Browne Affair (Turner Series #2) by Cat Sebastian”

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