Review: Vino & Veritas Series (multiple authors)

This post includes reviews of books in the Vino & Veritas series: Featherbed (#1) by Annabeth Albert Heartscape (#2) by Garrett Leigh Headstrong (#3) by Eden Finley Aftermath (#5) by L. A. Witt Turnabout (#9) by Laurel Greer Daybreak (#12) by Kate Hawthorne Heartsong (#13) by A. E. Wasp Stronghold (#14) by Ana Ashley LimelightContinue reading “Review: Vino & Veritas Series (multiple authors)”

Review: Aftermath Series by Cara Dee

This post includes reviews of the books in the Aftermath series: Aftermath (#1) Outcome (#2) Aftermath (Book 1) Dee once again emotionally wrecks her readers in all the best ways with this story about two men who never would have met under “normal” circumstances. Instead, they are thrown together as cellmates when kidnapped by aContinue reading “Review: Aftermath Series by Cara Dee”

Review: Ever After Series by Tanya Chris

Aftercare (Book 1) I can’t remember the last time I was so engrossed by a legal thriller. As a bonus, Chris also sucked me into the burgeoning romance between Garrett and Aayan. Usually, in these kinkier romances, it’s the Dom introducing a potential sub to the lifestyle. Here, it’s the other way around. Garrett mightContinue reading “Review: Ever After Series by Tanya Chris”

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