The opening scene of this book is certainly memorable for being a unique way to open a story. It’s also extremely well done for how it introduces certain paranormal facets of this world without hitting the reader with too much information, then escalates quickly while continuing to drop deliciously subtle world-building details. I learned enough about Icarus and Adam to already be invested in their roles in this story and what is drawing them together while still intensely curious about their backstories.

Another way Reyne draws out the necessary information is by having entire swathes of the story be from either Icarus’s or Adam’s perspective instead of a quicker back-and-forth between them. This means we get some epic secrets revealed on Icarus’s side while Adam is still a largely blank slate. It means I also had no idea why Adam was so ramped up in his attraction toward Icarus, but I had such appreciation for the twist of him not being a stereotypical alpha top about it that I didn’t mind waiting a bit to learn more about his motivation.

The relationship arc in this book is simultaneously subtle and intense. The well-developed external conflict and dramatic fantasy action scenes show that much bigger stakes are involved than the growing love between Icarus and Adam. At the same time, their romance never gets lost in the overall story and adds a lovely dose of emotion to already suspenseful moments of magical combat. Both characters show a good balance of human motivation amid how their lives are influenced by the paranormal elements so closely tied to their very lives.

Enough is revealed, both overtly and through Reyne’s phenomenal storytelling ability, that I believed wholeheartedly in the love story by the end of the book. This isn’t quite a traditional “fated mates” tale, but Icarus and Adam are exactly what the other need even outside what might be manipulation by higher powers. The result is one of the most satisfying happily ever afters I’ve ever read in a paranormal romance story. Even better, Reyne leaves plenty of room to continue with new heroes in this intriguing and exciting urban fantasy world.

Disclaimer: I received a digital review copy of this book from the author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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