I’ve thoroughly enjoyed so much by these authors that it should come as no shock to anyone how sweet I found this book as well. We start in familiar territory (with a special shout-out to one of my favorite subby cowboys), but then this book becomes a major departure from what I’ve read from Payne and Tortuga before. As much as I love the power exchange dynamics between some of their previous couples, I adored this sweet opposites-attract (but not the way you think) relationship just as much.

This book isn’t a love at first sight story. It isn’t even a lust at first sight book, as Matthew is called home before he and Tyler share more than a kiss in New York City. But the connection between them is palpable on the page, and I had full reader buy-in for Tyler picking up his life and flying to Texas to chase a life filled with new potential.

Payne and Tortuga nicely balance Tyler’s sense of overwhelm with the number of secondary characters packed into this story with excellent use of description to keep the reader from feeling the same. I didn’t even mind the child characters so much here, and I’m incredibly picky about those (one reason I didn’t read this book sooner is the “single dad” element mentioned in the book blurb).

I have no idea what direction this series will go for the next relationship. I definitely hope it stays connected to the characters referenced attached to the Whitehouse family and ranch. Between the whirlwind introductions and the elements that led to the “dark moment” of this particular story, I’m thoroughly invested in this world. Seeing glimpses of Matthew and Tyler’s happily ever after will merely be a bonus.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.