Since the spouse and I still had an entire 3 days off between when we got back from our holiday vacation and returning to work after the new year, I spend 2 of them building LEGO and binge-watching television shows. As I writer, you know it was only a matter of time until I got this set, which the spouse gifted me for Christmas this year.

This is definitely one of the most intricate sets I’ve ever built, almost as much of a Technic set as a regular display object. The work is worth the payoff when the buttons depress and the carriage can be returned like an actual typewriter! Overall, building this set took me through all the Hawkeye series episodes on day 1 and most of the latest season of Queer Eye on day 2.

Typewriter (21327) — 2,079 pieces

LEGO is totally welcome to use this picture as an official promo image
Box contents: 12 bags and 2 books

The first step made absolutely no sense. The second step was one of the most complicated builds I’ve completed in a while. Then, it all made sense when I added the keys!

Nicki the cat stopped by to make sure I was following the assembly instructions

Not that the rest of the build stopped being intricate, as I assembled the mechanism that makes the set “function” like a working typewriter.

Finally, only thing left was the finishing touches! The final product lives on one of the bookshelves in my library, but I had to stage this last picture in front of my signed book collection.