Sometimes I don’t highlight much of a book when I read it on my Kindle because otherwise, I’d end up highlighting the entire text. This is often the case with Sebastian’s work for me. I thoroughly enjoy her narrative voice and turns of phrase, which always immerse me in whatever time period she writes in. And even that is secondary to the amazing characters she creates, with their unique and dynamic personalities that shine off the page.

Peter and Caleb do not plan their road trip together from Boston to Los Angeles. Though Caleb has a destination and deadline, Peter wants nothing more than to leave his oppressive family behind. Along the way, Caleb realizes that his original goals for his new life in California might get some adjustment, and Peter comes to terms with the life he wants for himself without the weight of expectation.

Thanks to the forced proximity element of their travels, it’s a bit of a love story on an accelerated timeline. I did appreciate that the “we’re both gay” reveal isn’t made much of a big deal. Though there is an element of Caleb “teaching” Peter about being gay (both in bed and out of it), those moments become part of the developing relationship and serve to highlight the differences in Peter and Caleb’s personalities and personal histories.

The finale could have been much heavier on the angst, but Sebastian instead gives us a happily ever after that is suited to the overall sweet tone of the story. I devoured this delightful novel in a single evening, and I can’t help the grin on my face as I write about these amazing characters now.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.