First, the obvious news that I’ve been shouting about for a month now: Steel Justice (Steel Empires #6) is live! I’ve already heard from a few people how much they are enjoying my take on a murder mystery set in my urban fantasy/alternate history universe, so I hope you give it a chance, too.

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I love this picture because I accidentally included three of my favorite things in the background!

July was a fairly busy month of book promotion and a few massive projects for the day job. I also escaped to Brooklyn for a quick weekend trip with the best friends, which included excellent baklava, a visit to the Brooklyn Museum, and finally meeting my adorable almost-nephew! The spouse and I also saw our first film in the theater in way too long — Black Widow, of course, continuing my streak of seeing every installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on opening night. I’m looking forward to a quieter month in August, which will include a road trip vacation to visit friends and family.

Signing preorder copies of Steel Justice

July Wrap-Up

  • I added more words to Steel Legacy!
  • I had a blast with some new marketing techniques for Steel Justice, which I stole outright from the romance community. Not sure how much it worked, but it was fun playing with graphic design and realizing how much my experimenting has turned into a bit of self-taught skill.
  • I participated in the virtual In Your Write Mind 2021 writers workshop. Read my con report here.
  • I also got to nerd out about the first five seasons of The Expanse television series as a panelist for a podcast. Listen here.

August Goals

  1. Add even more words to Steel Legacy!
  2. Survive a road trip to North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida! This will include the longest stint of solo driving I’ve ever attempted, but luckily I have a few favorites in audiobook form to keep me company.
  3. Put up the awesome shelves I bought for my guest LEGO room…and then build my “reward” set to celebrate the publication of Steel Justice!

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Laziest book models ever.