This story is not quite an “enemies to lovers” story because the characters would never have been on opposing sides had Vaughn exercised a modicum of common sense. However, Vaughn does what Vaughn does best (bend the rest of the world to his whims) and ends up with a perturbed FBI agent rather than an intrigued FBI agent. Will’s irritation with Vaughn is tempered by his attraction (mostly due to their rather sexy meet-cute at a party), leading him into a fun and sweet relationship with the billionaire rather than an arrest.

This book also isn’t a White Collar sort of story, where Vaughn ends up assisting his partner in investigating art crimes. They have a perfectly normal relationship, or as normal as a relationship can get when half of it comes in the form of a billionaire. I appreciated that this book’s premise did not hinge on Vaughn’s financial status, even though “billionaire romance” is an actual trope. His privilege and worldview eventually cause the “dark moment” of the story, but once again, it occurs in a completely unexpected way based on the premise of the story.

Will and Vaughn are a delightful couple who shouldn’t work but absolutely do. This stand-alone romance is worth checking out for fans of multiple tropes, but especially for those looking for twists on expected plot points, fun sibling dynamics, a spoiled billionaire’s response to a mediocre hotel chain, and a relationship that includes open communication between two mature adults.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.