The revised edition of Steel Victory (Steel Empires #1) is now available across all formats!

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All versions include:

  • Author’s preferred text for Steel Victory
  • Foreword by award-winning author and editor Lee Murray
  • “The Reluctant Master”: A previously unpublished story featuring Victory and Mikelos in the early days of Limani
  • “Limani: A Brief History”: An excerpt from a longer work by Lady Zhinu Zhuanxu-Wallace

The special edition hardcover also features special printing on the case under the dust jacket, with art created by Brad Sharp.

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Free Online Workshop

I’m offering my popular alternate history workshop online for the first time ever! I have previously only shared this interactive presentation at live events.

For this online special on Wednesday, July 15 at 7 PM Eastern, I’ve also invited some special guests to help me out!

This event is FREE, but you will need to register and claim your ticket.

This presentation is intended for fans and creators alike from all genres and mediums. We’ll explore the different types of alternate history, common tropes in the genre, and what considerations are needed when creating your own. Time will be available at the end of the presentation to ask questions of the special guests.

I don’t think they are as excited as I am.