As is typical for me with the books in this series, I devoured this installment in a single evening.

This story does an excellent job of tying up multiple story lines and plot points, beyond the obvious of the overall “get Rayth’s throne back from his evil brother.” Frella finally bonds with her dragon and realizes that her life’s underlying fear of always being left behind is never going to be a problem again. In addition, Nyx show tremendous character development and growth over the course of this final story, which I was very pleased by.

Steffan wrote themself into a bit of a corner for the grand finale of this saga, unfortunately, when they split Rayth and Frella up for the final battle. Both them had epic roles to play (and I especially adored how Nyx and Rayth had to depend on each other), but it left Frella out of the ultimate concluding action of what was HER series.

I hope we get to check in on this band of heroes with Steffan’s next adventure. Each of their series set in this world gets better and better, and I foresee myself returning to these books in the future for the lovely mix of adventure and sexiness that I’ve come to expect from this fantastic author.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.