Based on guidance I received from my employer last week, I had already (with great sadness) withdrawn from attending this year’s Cleveland ConCoction. Later that same day, the announcement came out that the convention was being cancelled.

I know this is a stressful and scary time for everyone, for a variety of reasons. I’m lucky enough that I can work from home full-time as needed, but my spouse is essential personnel at his job (made all the more nerve-wracking due to lung issues he has from burn pit exposure during military deployments). Pinning our mothers down during this period has also been difficult. (Yes, I know you will see this, and yes, and I am talking to you, Mom.)

In good news, though, ConCoction is going virtual this year! Rather than posting my schedule here, like I usually do, I instead encourage you to follow the event for some surprise goodies. This week I’ll be recording a reading from home to contribute to the virtual Author’s Alley. There may be a surprise feline guest or three.

If you were looking forward to purchasing a hardcopy version of one of my books at the event, I have plenty of each in the series on hand. Since I’m saving money on hotel and food this weekend, I will cover the cost of (U.S.) shipping through the end of March for all orders of signed books. Books are $15 each, and I can be reached via social media or jl at jlgribble dot com for more details.

I hope everyone stays safe in the coming weeks. Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and as usual, my blog is a great place to learn about books to enjoy during all your time at home.