IMG_8739Just because I’m behind schedule with all of my writing projects doesn’t mean I will deprive myself of a reward when I do get something done! To celebrate submitting my fifth novel to my editor, I built this year’s special Star Wars set, the Y-Wing Starfighter. The Y-Wing is not one of my favorite ships from that particular universe, so I didn’t expect to enjoy this build as much as I did.

Between travels and other obligations, this build was spread out over the course of about two weeks. But it started with an epic night of watching Marvel movies, spanned the latest season of the Great British Baking Show, and then most of season 2 of Luke Cage.

Y-Wing Starfighter (75181) — 1,967 pieces

As usual, the set started with constructing the ship’s innards. Things never start to make sense with these builds, until suddenly they do. I forgot to take pictures of the main body of the ship, but I do love the detail inside the cockpit. Especially the drop-down visual display!

I built the two engine cores simultaneously since they were exactly the same, which probably cut down on the repetitiveness of the build.

Once I added the external detail to the engines and attached them to the ship body, it was done!

This is a fabulous addition to my Star Wars ship collection!

Gold Commander: Well, I was going to take the shot that destroyed the Death Star, but that jumped-up farmboy started spouting stuff about the Force and stole my glory. Astromech: Beep-bloop. Gold Commander: Language!