steampunk world
STEAMPUNK WORLD, edited by Sarah Hans (Note: The version I own is the Kickstarter Exclusive edition and your cover may differ.)

DISCLAIMER: I share a publisher with one of the authors discussed below. However, I purchased my copy of the book at full price from the anthology’s editor, not the author, and I do not consider our relationship to have bearing on my review choices. I was not a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign that initially funded the book.

Favorite story: “Good Hunting” by Ken Liu. This was a delicious mix of steampunk and fantasy, with both elements very appropriate to the chosen non-Western setting. The characters and their conflicts were poignant. Closing the anthology with this story also leaves the reader with a bittersweet feeling that I felt spoke for the tone and intended theme of the collection as a whole.

Story that I wish would be expanded into a novel: “The Leviathan of Trimcomalee” by Lucy A. Snyder. Though the story itself is self-contained and has a very satisfying conclusion (including monsters, marvelous inventions, and a Tesla name drop!), I feel like it could be just the beginning of the adventure for the main character and the world she inhabits.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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