I am honored to receive a review from Publishers Weekly for my debut novel, STEEL VICTORY!

I know writers are supposed to adore every inch of their babies and think they are absolutely amazing, but I’m enough of an editor and I’ve taken enough literary criticism courses in my life to 99% agree with the review as a whole. STEEL VICTORY isn’t perfect, but it’s a good, fun read, and I’m glad PW seems to agree with me on that point.

“The innovative combination of genres is appealing, and Gribble’s multiple story lines—invasion, anti-creature bias, and intercity politics—mesh very well together….This is a solid first effort that sets the stage for more installments in an intriguing world with complex characters.”

Honestly, if they’re this happy with STEEL VICTORY, then they are going to love book 2, STEEL MAGIC!

The full review is here.

(By the way, the 1% of the review I don’t agree with is the year mentioned. There’s actually no year mentioned in the book whatsoever, but I’ll take 2094 CE as a pretty good guess.)

(I’m going to go dance around with my cats some more about the fact that I got a review from PW.)