January Wrap-Up & February Goals

First of all, can we just spend a moment basking in the fact that this happened yesterday? I did a bit more tweaking today, and STEEL BLOOD is currently at 79,999 words and on it’s way to the beta readers! January Wrap-Up: Finish book 3: DONE! WOOT! Finish edits on prequel story 1: DONE! I’mContinue reading “January Wrap-Up & February Goals”

Snow Day Special: STEEL VICTORY deleted scene!

Since we had another snow day here at Casa Siamese, or Limani HQ, or STEEL EMPIRES central, or whatever I feel like calling my house today, I figured it was time for a treat to break us out of the winter doldrums. Or at least while we take a break from shoveling. (There was aContinue reading “Snow Day Special: STEEL VICTORY deleted scene!”

STEEL BLOOD: My 2015 NaNoWriMo Novel

It’s that time of year again, kids. That time when a significant number of the writers in your life hibernate with their computers for hours on end, alternately spamming social media with words counts or angsting about how this is impossible and they will never get it done.