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“The Reluctant Master” Steel Empires #0.5J.L. Gribble Decades before the events of the Steel Empires series, Victory and Mikelos both have reason to leave their previous lives. Victory, by choice, to support the dreams of her family. Mikelos, by fate, after he loses everyone whom he holds dear. They choose Limani, a city across theContinue reading “Free Short Story!”

Review: “Sanguine” by Sierra Simone

Simone packs a wallop into two short chapters in this excellent paranormal romance story. It appears pretty self-explanatory on the surface: vampire and priest meet, and sexy shenanigans ensue. However, Simone puts her own twist on how vampires work, the priest is not quite a priest, and the shenanigans are surprisingly humorous and sweet (alongContinue reading “Review: “Sanguine” by Sierra Simone”

Review: Made Marian Series by Lucy Lennox

This post contains reviews of all the currently available books in the Made Marian series: Borrowing Blue (Book 1) Taming Teddy (Book 2) Jumping Jude (Book 3) Grounding Griffin (Book 4) Moving Maverick (Book 5) Delivering Dante (Book 6) A Very Marian Christmas (Book 7) Made Marian Shorts (Book 7.5) Made Mine (Book 8) HayContinue reading “Review: Made Marian Series by Lucy Lennox”

Review: Giving Consent Series by Kate Hawthorne

This post contains reviews of all the books in the Giving Consent series: “Worth the Switch” (Book 0.5) Worth the Risk (Book 1) Worth the Wait (Book 2) Worth the Fight (Book 3) Worth the Chance (Book 4) Desperately Seeking (supplemental novellas)

Review: Four Mercenaries Series by K.A. Merikan

Their Bounty (Book 1) I’m a sucker for found family stories, and even though this book is only partially that, it ensured my interest beyond the main plot. Clover is kind of a disaster, but he quickly becomes THEIR disaster despite lots of kicking and screaming on some sides (looking at you, Drake). Despite theirContinue reading “Review: Four Mercenaries Series by K.A. Merikan”

Review: London Lovers Series by Sierra Simone

“The Seduction of Molly O’Flaherty” (Book 0.5) After meeting these characters in Simone’s Markham Hall series, I was intrigued enough to follow them to London for their romance saga. Like it says on the tin, this story is not necessary for the following books. However, it does an excellent job of introducing Molly and SilasContinue reading “Review: London Lovers Series by Sierra Simone”

Review: Markham Hall Series by Sierra Simone

The Awakening of Ivy Leavold (Book 1) Here’s the old-school Gothic erotic romance I expected when I started Simone’s Thornchapel series! An innocent young woman finds herself helpless and adrift in a new home, at the mercy of a mysterious and figure who instantly captivates her attention. Despite Simone’s effortless narrative that elevates the interactionsContinue reading “Review: Markham Hall Series by Sierra Simone”

Review: Thalanian Dynasty Series by Katee Robert

Theirs For the Night (Book 1) This short novella is intended to introduce the reader to the characters of the Thalanian Dynasty, a freebie so that readers are hooked enough to buy the full-length follow-up novel. (Full disclosure: It worked on me.) The events within are sexy and steamy, and I enjoyed Meg as aContinue reading “Review: Thalanian Dynasty Series by Katee Robert”

Review: “American Squire” (New Camelot #5) by Sierra Simone

This short story ties together the worlds of New Camelot and Thornchapel by following a former White House assistant on a mysterious errand to England. The actual interactions portrayed between Ryan and Sidney are both sexy and sweet, as appropriate, and I’d happily read more about their burgeoning relationship. What elevates this story from sexyContinue reading “Review: “American Squire” (New Camelot #5) by Sierra Simone”

Review: Hexworld Stories by Jordan L. Hawk

“A Christmas Hex” (Book 2.5) This is one of those stories that could have worked any time of year — but the fact that it occurred around Christmas made it all the sweeter. After reading the full-length novels in this series, it was easy to forget that witches and familiars in New York City didContinue reading “Review: Hexworld Stories by Jordan L. Hawk”