Review: HIDDEN DESIGN: THE PROPHECY by Tia Tormen & C.K. Stone

Sex sells. Everyone knows that. Marketing professionals especially know that. But does the inclusion of sex necessarily make something better? Erotica has become more mainstream in popular fiction within the past few years and can make any genre book more appealing to the right audience. In some cases, however, the sexual element can detract fromContinue reading “Review: HIDDEN DESIGN: THE PROPHECY by Tia Tormen & C.K. Stone”

Review: A WIZARD’S FORGE (Woern Saga #1) by A.M. Justice

Disclaimer: I received a free ebook of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. It’s no surprise that I was drawn to this book immediately, considering it’s fusion of fantasy and science-fiction elements, it’s excellent world-building, and its awesome protagonist named Vic (short for Victoria). But I’ve been burned by freeContinue reading “Review: A WIZARD’S FORGE (Woern Saga #1) by A.M. Justice”

Review: BURN FOR ME (Hidden Legacy #1) by Ilona Andrews

I really try not to be one of those people who judges a book by the cover, but I don’t think there can be any argument that the cover of Burn For Me is about the most romance cover to ever be a romance cover. I don’t care. Buy the book anyway.

Review: SWEEP IN PEACE (Innkeeper Chronicles #2) by Ilona Andrews

This particular collection of books by writing team Ilona Andrews is published as serial novels on their website. When I read the first book in the Innkeeper Chronicles, I was really afraid that it was going to be a meandering mess. However, I ate up the first book (Clean Sweep) and was happy to come backContinue reading “Review: SWEEP IN PEACE (Innkeeper Chronicles #2) by Ilona Andrews”

Review: NO NORMAL (Ms. Marvel Vol. 1) by G. Wilson & Adrian Alphona

My husband has been on a kick for graphic novels written by women, and I’ve been on a kick for diversity representation in speculative fiction, so this was a delightful find for both of us.

Review: JUST ONE DAMNED THING AFTER ANOTHER (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #1) by Jodi Taylor

I stumbled across this book and picked it up on a whim, and I’m ever so glad that I did. While the concept of “secret organization that uses time travel for historical research purposes” isn’t new, Taylor manages to make this version her own with a number of subtle changes to the trope.

Review: SMALL MAGICS by Ilona Andrews

Favorite story: Because I’m always thrilled to learn more about Kate’s protege, I was delighted to read “Magic Tests” in this collection. Julie shined in this story, especially because she’s not just a miniature version of Kate. She’s been influenced by all the adults in her life, and it shows in the way she handles interpersonalContinue reading “Review: SMALL MAGICS by Ilona Andrews”

June Wrap-Up & July Goals

June has definitely been one of my rougher months in recent memory. The bad news is that I don’t feel like I got as far on a lot of my projects as I wish I could be. The good news is that I’m spending the long holiday weekend with my husband! Mississippi is hot andContinue reading “June Wrap-Up & July Goals”

Review: “The Visitor” by J.L. Pattison

Some short stories take a lot of information and parse it down into a quick, streamlined adventure. Some take a lot of information and pack it in to the point of leaving the reader to wonder why the author didn’t just go ahead and write a novel. Unfortunately, J.L. Pattison’s “The Visitor” was the latterContinue reading “Review: “The Visitor” by J.L. Pattison”

Review: MAGIC STARS by Ilona Andrews

I know that I have about a million favorite things about this series, but two of them are definitely Julie and Derek, the foster kids/proteges of the two main characters. Watching them “grow up” and come into their own skills and powers over the course of the books has been a treat, and it wasContinue reading “Review: MAGIC STARS by Ilona Andrews”