Stories set in the world of Limani (my Steel Empires series), by order of events. This is also where you can check the status of each project and nudge me along if I’m not working fast enough.

“The Reluctant Master” (Steel Forged prequel story): Bonus content available in the revised version of Steel Victory

“The Job” (Steel Forged prequel story): Under contract

“Thicker Than Blood” (Steel Forged prequel story): In revision

“First Spark” (Steel Forged prequel story): Originally published in Far Worlds; currently in search of a good reprint home

“Children at Play” (Steel Forged prequel story): In revision

“Shadow Wars” (Steel Forged prequel story): In revision

Steel Victory (Steel Empires Book 1)

“I’m Not Getting Paid For This” (a coda to Steel Victory): In search of a good home

Steel Magic (Steel Empires Book 2)

“Untitled” (a coda to Steel Magic): First draft in progress

Steel Blood (Steel Empires Book 3)

Steel Time (Steel Empires Book 4)

Steel Shadows (Steel Empires Book 5)

Steel Justice (Steel Empires Book 6)

Steel Legacy (Steel Empires Book 7): First draft in progress

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