In addition to my daytime editing career, I am also happy to take on freelance jobs in all forms and genres. All rates are negotiable based on size and expected depth of work. Please contact me anytime to discuss your project and schedule!


  • Fiction (substantive edit for plot, structure, character, etc.): $0.015/word
  • Fiction (substantive edit + copy editing for grammar, punctuation, layout, etc.): $0.02/word
  • Nonfiction (substantive edit for structure and form + copy editing): $0.02/word
  • Scientific/Medical Nonfiction (substantive edit for structure and form + copy editing + table formatting + reference verification and formatting): $0.04/word


“J.L. Gribble is a consummate professional, offering timely and insightful edits to ensure that a manuscript is at its very best. Her keen eye for detail helps eliminate the technical errors that can distract a reader, ensuring that the focus stays where it belongs: on the tale being told. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on several stories, and absolutely recommend her services to any writer looking to make their work the best it can be.”

Chris Stout, author

“J.L. Gribble is able to look at a novel and see what makes it work. Her experience as a writer gives her an edge over many other editors. Wonderful grasp on story elements and attention to detail that soared past my expectations.”

Todd Moody, author