Far Worlds cover finalThis book is now out of print. I am currently searching for reprint homes for my two flash fiction stories.

Edited by A.R. Aston, James Fadeley, and J.L. Gribble

Includes two flash fiction stories by J.L. Gribble: “First Spark” and “Real-Mater”

Passing world upon world, trillions of souls across the universe have witnessed it. But no one knows what the Drift Engine is. For adventurers, lovers, rebels, and ordinary folk alike, the Drift Engine’s presence has ranged from the spark that ignites global conflict to the source of comical calamity to nothing more than a curious footnote in history. Herein lies almost two dozen adventures across the spectrum of speculative fiction, both short stories and flash fiction, inspired by the Drift Engine. What mark will the Drift Engine leave on you?

ISBN: 9781497433939

Release date: April 15, 2014

Publisher: The Bolthole

2 thoughts on “FAR WORLDS

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