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Next weekend, March 11-13, I will be at the Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel for Cleveland ConCoction 2016. Below is my official schedule, but please feel free to say hi anytime. I love meeting new people and talking about our shared passions.

Steel Victory will be available for purchase in Author’s Alley, but I also keep a few copies on hand if you’d rather buy one from me directly (the price is the same either way, so it’s really just a matter of what is convenient for you).


1 PM (Lyra Room): Writing for YA vs Adults: Find out what is different about writing for a young adult audience, what is the same, and how to get started

7 PM (Lyra Room): Publishing Expectations: Ask authors questions that may have been holding you back and discover the expectations of the publishing industry—JL Gribble

8 PM (TBD): Dog Star Books party! We’ll be celebrating the release of Underwater Fistfight by Matt Betts and Starrie by Heidi Ruby Miller. All of the Dog Star and Raw Dog Screaming Press authors will be in attendance with books for sale.


10 AM (Lyra Room): Growing Up Sci-Fi: No matter what generation we are, we all have grown up “sci-fi”, with many of our innovations coming from what was once considered science fiction…

12 PM (Lyra Room): Why Villains Matter: The best and worst of villains. Could we have heroes without them? Discuss your favorite character to hate with our panel of authors


12 PM (Lyra Room): Reading from Steel Victory…or maybe from Steel Magic!

1 PM (Gemini Room): Selling and signing books


We provide…Leverage. (a Convention Guest’s Promise)

ConCoction does have an official harassment policy, which can be found here. Never be afraid or too self-conscious to approach me for any reason, and if someone is bothering you and I’m around, let me know. I may look like a nerd with a funny haircut, but I have experienced my share of harassment at conventions, and I am firmly committed to helping be the change.


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